HP Enterprise Services has announced the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has selected HP as one of the prime contractors to provide information technology solutions to it and other U.S. Department of Justice agencies under the FBI Information Technology Supplies and Support Services (FBI IT Triple S) contract.

HP will be able to compete for task orders under the $30 billion FBI IT Triple S multiple-award Basic Ordering Agreement contract. The contract has a one-year base period followed by a seven-year option period and serves as a centralized source for the FBI to buy integrated technology products and services. By establishing simple and uniform mechanisms in support of the FBI’s mission and daily operations, the agency is able to obtain contractor services as well as high-quality products.

Under the FBI IT Triple S contract, HP will offer technology solutions across several functional areas, including operations and maintenance, technical development, consulting, hardware and software and other related IT services, to meet the national security and criminal investigation objectives of all FBI organizations, as well as the U.S. Department of Justice.

In a world of continuous connectivity, the U.S. government is leveraging technology to modernize, transform, secure, optimize and deliver immediate services to citizens. In support of the Triple S initiative, HP will offer comprehensive, secure technology solutions on time and on budget in support of the agency’s journey to an Instant-On Enterprise environment. HP’s Instant-On Enterprise delivery model improves flexibility and embeds technology to provide innovation at every point that matters within an organization, from mobile devices to global data centers.

“The FBI IT Triple S contract will be an essential vehicle used to obtain the supplies and services needed to deliver improved and efficient information technology to the criminal justice community,” said Dennis Stolkey, senior vice president, U.S. Public Sector, HP Enterprise Services. “As a Triple S vendor, HP will provide industry best practices, technology, innovation, security and thought leadership from the desktop to the cloud that will assist the Bureau in accomplishing its critical missions.”

HP has provided support services to U.S. government agencies for more than 45 years, building, integrating, securing and operating some of the most complex environments in the world, while enabling agency effectiveness, securing the exchange of information and ensuring citizen privacy.