RackSolutions, a manufacturer of custom computer racks and mounting solutions for original equipment manufacturers (OEM), and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Innovation First International, announced the launch of a new Magento-based website, at www.racksolutions.com. To support the increasing demand for specialized rack solutions, the dramatically revamped site is designed to enhance user navigation and save customers time by providing new dynamic product information, streamlined category searches, and increased functionality.

“There is a growing demand from enterprises for rack mount solutions that are intuitive, customizable and easy to understand, and the new RackSolutions website showcases our innovative approach to engineering quick and cost-effective tailored solutions that our team can scale to fit any customer’s needs,” said Bob Mimlitch, co-founder of Innovation First International.

The website features new digital content with detailed measurement and product specifications that are organized to save users’ time, and better display RackSolutions product offerings and expertise. The company’s precision computer server racks, shelves, rails, cabinets, and other mounting products are clearly visible via drop down categories that line the top of the page. Each product features highly detailed measurements and specifications, in addition to product images, price and availability. For the first time, users now have the option to customize their navigation with an added “sort” option, and can choose to sort by price or product name, photo image or a more detailed list view.

With over a decade serving the data center market, RackSolutions has developed product solutions for every major OEM including Google, Yahoo, the US Navy, Cisco Systems, Dell, Social Security Administration, Lockheed Martin, ebay, HP, IBM, DreamWorks, CBS and others. Dell, HP and IBM are also newly featured categories on the RackSolutions website.