Raritan released a new configurable dashboard with new tools and gauges for Power IQ energy management software, so that data center managers can easily see information most important to them-whether it’s energy usage information of a specific server rack, temperature readings from the cold aisle, or a forecast on how much energy is required to support operations in data centers across the world.

The Power IQ energy dashboard displays complex information in easy-to-view reports, charts, thermal graphs, and maps. The new capacity forecast chart, for example, provides "days of supply” information and helps determine the available power at any level-data center, floor, room, row or rack. Power IQ also provides real-time information on energy usage, energy costs, carbon footprint, and thermal factors.

"Power IQ 3.0's tools empower a much larger group of users to view and access key data center information in useful ways," saidJames Cerwinski, Senior Manager, Raritan Power Management Business. "The dashboard can be configured differently for each user's custom reporting needs. We want customers to be able to customize their dashboard, so that they can easily access the information they want when they want. Some customers will display the dashboard on very large screens where they work, creating a NOC area; or on lobby screens for customers to see-in an effort to create data center energy awareness."

Key dashboard features in Power IQ 3.0 include: configurable layout and sizing; trend and forecast charts; health and event status; and, slide show mode with real-time updates. Video, images and Weather Service widgets also can now be embedded in the dashboard.