Ever since July 30th, I have been working with PDI to develop another webinar on electrical systems in the data center. Today I spoke with Dave Mulholland and we are much closer to announcing a topic for our November 10th webinar. We are excited about PDI's sponsorship because of the solid audiences we attract. At the last webinar, we fielded this question. How would you answer this question.

Server equipment manufacturers publish information that efficiency of their equipment will increase as input voltage to their power supplies increase. What do you think about this?

- Greg Peer

VP, Electrical 

Swanson Rink

Denver, CO

More imminently, we are preparing for a cooling webinar to be held Sept. 24th, at webinar.missioncriticalmagazine.com.

Experts Vali Sorrel of Syska Hennessy Group and Julius Neudorfer of NAAT Inc. have presentations on Air Cooling and High Heat Environments. Data Aire will be sponsoring this event.