In some respects the data center industry is just like every other industry. Certain topics are always interesting, and some go in and out of style.

Reliability, for instance, has always been a key concern for data center managers/owners. To a less extent, cost, too, remains a constant issue.

Of late, energy and green concerns seem poised to become issues of such magnitude that we will never again discuss a data center without referencing its energy use and sustainability.

Metrics such as ISO, PUE, Energy Star, and LEED may come and go as hot topics, depending on how successful they are or how widely accepted they become.

Those of us who have public platforms to disseminate information must be careful to consider how we handle new issues today because our actions can cause confusion, if a hot issue suddenly drops from the public agenda.

Not so long ago, dc power in data centers was such a hot topic, and may be again. Still I was surprised to see this question from Christopher Kuhl at our July 30th webinar on power distribution, sponsored by PDI.

Our presenters did not address this question at the session. So I'm curious, what is the future for dc in the data centers.

Where/when do you see dc (direct current) power distribution taking hold in the data center design world? 

-Christopher Kuhl 

ZBB Energy Corp

Menomonee Falls, WI

Thank you,  Christopher.