I'm returning today from 7x24Exchange and trying to organize my thoughts on the event. My first thought is that the high attendance at this event demonstrates that demand exists for more technical information. Many companies appear to be looking at outsourcing data centers as a way to outsource data center problems. But I've talked to many end users who suggest that enterprises will have to be even more technical adept to manage outsourcing arrangements. Training will be key, they say.

Mission Critical will continue mining the questions we have received from our webinars to stimulate conversation about key issues and to get answers to practical questions.

Many are talking about "free cooling" using increased amounts (up to 100%) of outside air. Many areas of the U.S. and the world have poor outdoor air quality with respect to corrosive contaminants such as sulfur and nitrogen dioxide, ozone, chlorides, etc. What effect will this air have on data center equipment reliability - especially considering changes to equipment mandated by RoHS regulations?

-Christopher Muller