Ever wish you could turn to one place to find out everything you need to know about building a data center. Well, try registering for our newly announced webinar Building a Greenfield Data Center: A Three-Part Webinar series. The series takes place on March 17th, April 15th, and May 13th and is sponsored by Siemens. Register at webinars.missioncriticalmagazine.com.While you are there, register also for:
• Emerging Trends in Cooling Solutions for High Density Data Centers, Thursday, February 25 
• Operational CFD: Using predictive techniques to manage for reliability and efficiency, Tuesday, April 6
• What You Need to Know About Data Center Containers, Wednesday, April 21.

Topics to be discussed include:
     1. Laying the Foundation 
•  Assessing need 
•  Strategy development 
•  Team structure and interaction (indentifying internal/consultant resources) 
•  Creating Site Selection Criteria 
2. Site Selection 
•  Executing a Site Search 
•  Creating a due diligence team 
•  Key evaluation factors - utility availability and cost, locational risks, zoning and local approval exposures, etc. 
•  Closing the deal 
3. Design Development 
•  Consultant Selection 
•  Phased vs. Full Build Strategies (design scalability) 
•  Designing to accommodate future unknowns 
•  Resiliency Options 
•  Identifying Efficiency and Sustainability Opportunities (LEED, etc) 
4. Project Execution 
•  Governance 
•  Selecting a project team 
•  Selecting a development strategy, e.g., CM, GC, design-build, GMP, etc. 
•  Procurement Strategies 
5. Commissioning and Turnover 
•  Consultant selection (who and when) 
•  Developing a program · Identifying best practices 
•  Executing the plan 
•  Project sign-off and turnover