Our May 19th webinar on cooling created an unprecedented opportunity to ask questions of industry experts on cooling. I am continuing to use these questions to shape editorial in our publications, blogs, and enewsletters. Please post an answer to one of these questions and let's work to get good information into the hands of end users. This event was sponsored by  CoolSim>  and Siemens

If humidity levels could be maintained at optimum levels, wouldn't low temperature supply air (50F or lower) help reduce fan energy and unit cooling distribution?

- Randall Witte


Emc2 ConServ, Inc.

Cincinnati, OH

Our next event is scheduled to take place on July 30. I am busy working right now with Bill Mazzetti of Rosendin Electric and Vick Cooper of Walker Engineering. Dave Mulholland of   PDI , the sponsor, has also been very helpful. The event is titled Critical Power Distribution and How These Can Bite You.

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