Yesterday's Open Forum was a great event. The five-person panel handled and debated 10 questions, reaching consensus on some and agreeing to disagree on others. In fact the webinar ran 15 minutes longer than it scheduled timeslot, in part because of the quality of the discussion but also because of the generosity of sponsors Coolsim and Siemens.

Surveys of respondents suggested that viewers found the information to be interesting and to have good technical content.

I have collected all the remaining questions and will be posting them in this space plus on a dedicated LinkedIn group (Mission Critical Magazine Open Forum). I'll also be using these questions and answers in a panel at the upcoming 7x24Exchange meeting in Boca Raton, FL. 

Here's one I wish we had answered.

What are the top three goals of most Data Center Managers related to cooling?

At this point, is there enough evidence to prove to Data Center Managers that changing air flow can allow them to turn off CRAC units and save energy in their Data Centers?

- Sherry Boyd

Electronic Environments

Wallingford, CT