This is an Open Forum webinar. Our five expert panelists will be tackling questions from all registrants. And while we rehearsed on Friday, I've gotten some great questions since then that we will definitely include, and we take live questions too, so the speakers cannot know every question in advance. This is the most open, freewheeling presentation format in the industry.

The Speakers are 

Scott Good, CBRE

Ted Martin, Digital Realty Trust

Bruce Myatt, CFRT

David Schirmacher, Goldman Sachs

Dr. Bob Sulllivan, Uptime Institute

Sponsors are AdaptivCool, CoolSim, MovinCool, and tekWorx

Here are three questions the panel hasn't seen yet. Post an answer here or join tomorrow's webinar.

Is it typically most effective to have the CRAC units directing the underfloor airflow along (parallel to) the cold aisles?

- Andrew Steele

Miller Engineering

Can UPS size be used to estimate the heat load of connected equipment?

- David Nardi

Wiley Wilson

"What is the current thinking towards the chiller plant as a potential source of energy savings, and is there any consideration of factory built packaged chiller plants for reducing the cost and lead-time of new datacenter projects."

- Brad Wilson

Epsilon Fab

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