Yesterday's Open Forum on Data Center Issues webinar was an unqualified success. Originally scheduled for 60 minutes, the all Q&A session extended to 75 minutes thanks to our sponsor, Toshiba.

Before the session even started I knew Mission Critical would have to do something dramatic. More than 100 questions were submitted during the registration process, and another 30 were submitted during the event itself. I think our panel handled between 10 and 15 questions, including debate and follow-ups. In other words, we have way more questions to answer.

How will we do this?

  1. Continue reading this blog. I posted two questions earlier this week that we did not address live. The panelists have all said they would check in and answer questions posted on the blog.

  2. Check with LinkedIn. The Mission Critical Open Forum Discussion Group will be a venue that I use to reach new audiences interested in social networking.

  3. 3. Editorial coverage. Some of the questions call out for more detailed discussions. I will bring these to the attention of our columnists.

  4. New column. We may bring the blog discussions to print, should the enthusiasm for the Forum continue.

  5. More webinars. I have already begun the process of taking the feedback we received from yesterday’s event in the hope of improving the format and having another webinar.

I would be remiss if I didn’t thank the group’s panelists:

Dennis Cronin, Principal, Gilbane-Mission Critical • Kevin Dickens, Deputy Director of Mechanical Engineering, Jacobs' Architecture and Engineering Practice • Scott Good, CBRE Canada • Christopher Johnston, Senior Vice President, National Critical Facilities Chief Engineer, Syska Hennessy Group • Ted Martin, Vice President, Technical Operations, Digital Realty Trust • John Musilli, Data Center Operations Manager, Intel • Dean Nelson, GDS Director, Sun • Mark Thiele, Director of Business Operations R&D, VMware.

Check back here often for more discussions.

Oh, and I should mentioned that it is not too late to view the webinar. It will be archived on our website for a year along with many of our previous webinars.