Mission Critical was happy to announced that we would be hosting a new webinar, called Open Forum on Data Center Cooling, Part 2, on May 19th. We were able to do this because of the enthusiasm that greeted our event last week. Not only did we have fantastic numbers but we received more than 200 high-quality questions. Of course we could only address a fraction of them.
But our expert panel (see below) wanted to come back and tackle more questions on cooling. I'll be moderating again. And answering your questions will be: 
• Kevin Dickens, Jacobs Architecture Practice
• Scott Good, CBRE
• Ted Martin, Digital Realty Trust
• Bruce Myatt, CFRT
• David Schirmacher, Goldman Sachs
• Dr. Bob Sulllivan, Uptime Institute
We haven't opened registration yet, pending confirmation of our sponsors. But check back to webinars.missioncriticalmagazine.com frequently.
We also haven't closed out questions yet. Pose new ones when you register, at the Open Forum blog, or at our LinkedIn group.