Regular readers know how enthusiastic I am about the Open Forum style of webinar. I view these as a way to get experts to answer practical questions from real-world applications. The registrations for these events support my view that these many professionals can get valuable information about pressing issues in a short time, without trying to justify travel in these tight budget times.

Got a question, post it below or register for our May 19th webinar. We'll be answering questions like the one below.

Does floor leakage become less important when the server racks are fitted with the fan/duct kit to exhaust directly to the ceiling return plenum?

- James Martin

Mechanical Engineer

US Army Corps of Engineers

Louisville, KY

Siemens and Coolsim both have sponsored this event, and they deserve credit for their roles in making this event possible.


Just as a reminder our panelists include:

KEVIN DICKENS, Deputy Director of Mechanical Engineering, Jacobs’Architecture and Engineering Practice 

SCOTT GOOD, Director of PM FM, RBC Critical Properties 

TED MARTIN, Vice President of Technical Operations, Digital Realty Trust 


Bruce Myatt, P.E., Registered Mechanical Engineer, Founder of CFRT, Kling Lindquist 

David Schirmacher, Vice President, Goldman Sachs & Co. 


Robert Sullivan, Upsite Technologies, Uptime Institute