Tate has expanded its product offerings for the data center market with ContainAire solutions, a full range of containment products. These offerings include the ContainAire Vertical Partition System, which combines cost-effectiveness and ease of installation to create a highly flexible ceiling mounted partition system for both hot and cold aisle containment; three ContainAire door options-ContainAire Strip Doors, ContainAire Hinged Door, and ContainAire Sliding Door-which are designed to offer cost-effective and easy-to-install solutions for sealing the ends of containment aisles; the CRAC Hood, which is a custom fabricated ceiling return extension that connects the top of the CRAC unit directly to a ceiling return plenum; the Rack Shield, which captures subfloor supply and dedicates it to the IT equipment thermal load; Modular Blanking Panels, which eliminate the migration of hot and cold air through unoccupied areas of an IT equipment rack; In-Ceiling High Volume Return Grilles, which direct large volumes of hot exhaust air into the drop ceiling plenum, enabling hot air to exit freely while minimizing mixing with cooling airflow; and In-Floor Velocity Adjustor, which eliminates low pressure in the subfloor supply by controlling airflow velocity.