Future Facilities’ 6SigmaDC release 6.1 provides an enhanced toolset for the virtual modeling of electronic components, systems, and data centers, enabling cooling challenges to be addressed throughout the supply chain. Using 6SigmaDC, data center designers can construct a holistic and mathematically accurate 3-D model of any facility at any point in its lifecycle. The model, or Virtual Facility (VF), can then be used to assess initial design proposals as well as layout and load changes prior to physical implementation, saving time and avoiding risk and cost. An interactive Task Guide is designed to eliminate the need for software training and assist users to create their own Virtual Facilities as well as perform analyses and generate reports. It comprises six main rasks: Architecture, Technical Space, Power and Data, Cooling, Analysis and Reporting. Wizards, detailed guidance, tutorials and context sensitive help aid the user throughout the process, tracking progress and recommending the next logical modeling steps.