McQuay International has added a RapidRestore option to its Daikin McQuay Pathfinder Model AWS air-cooled chillers with variable frequency drive (VFD). The option provides peace of mind to facility managers who need to maintain necessary cooling levels in missioncritical applications. Short-term power loss from power interruptions, brownouts, or utility switching can quickly turn into a critical loss of cooling in mission critical facilities. The RapidRestore option allows the chiller to start as fast as 30 s after power is restored, making it ideal for use in data centers, health-care buildings, and manufacturing processes. RapidRestore helps solve power loss concerns by quickly returning facilities to the necessary cooling levels, keeping heatsensitive servers on-line, maintaining patient comfort in critical care areas, and eliminating downtime in manufacturing processes. Chiller unit capacities range from 150 to 530 tons with three new sizes: 150, 175, and 190 tons with VFD. Pathfinder chillers offer three levels of efficiency-Standard, High, and Premium, allowing building owners to specify an HVAC system that exactly meets their requirements. Ideal for retrofit projects, the chiller’s small unit footprint can accommodate existing structures such as installation pad, walls, and fences to help reduce installation costs.