Siemon’s QSFP+ (Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable Plus) high-speed active optical interconnect cable assemblies have been tested and accepted by the InfiniBand Trade Association (IBTA) as compliant to the InfiniBand Architecture Specification. The assemblies were developed for high-density applications, offering a cost-effective, low-power option for high-speed data center interconnects up to 4000 m. Siemon utilizes Silicon CMOS Photonics technology and high-performance, low-cost, single-mode fiber. The CMOS Photonics utilize an integrated opto-electronic chip with a directly attached fiber and a micro-packaged laser. This “fiber-to-the-chip” technology enables Siemon’s Moray active optical cabling to break the cost barriers and distance restrictions associated with multi-mode fiber solutions. Ideal for rack-to-rack and inter- and intra-building connections as well as high-speed networking and storage equipment applications, the QSFP+ form factor can replace up to four standard SFP+ connections, providing greater density and reduced system cost.  By passing the rigorous IBTA testing, Siemon’s QSFP+ assemblies are now included on IBTA’s Integrators’ List, which is designed to support data center managers, CIOs, and other IT professionals with deployment of InfiniBand systems.