Mestex’s energy-efficientAztecindirect and indirect / direct evaporative cooling unit to is a roof-mounted, self-contained system that is specifically designed to remove heat from the air entering a building. This cooler, filtered air replaces the air removed from the hot aisle, creating an optimal environment for server technology.

According to Richard Kirkland, national sales manager, business development, through its evaporative technology, the Aztec unit can reduce the amount of energy dedicated to server room temperature control by up to 34 percent, while creating an environment within ASHRAE’s guidelines for operating conditions.

“Because the target PUE for state-of-the-art data centers and server farms is now in the 1.2-1.4 range-which is roughly half of the national average currently-evaporative cooling has become part of the industry’s best practices,” Kirkland said. “The Aztec evaporative unit can be a tremendous help for IT managers who want to achieve these numbers, on average drawing only 11 percent of the total energy needed to keep the facility running flat out, yet still achieving the room temperature of 80.6°F and 60 percent relative humidity that ASHRAE currently recommends.”

Aztec units are digitally monitored, operating as a single / series of stand-alone units or incorporated with an air-handling unit, depending on need. Aztec installs easily, utilizing a building’s existing ventilation system, and works equally well in situations with and without under-floor construction.