MegaCool modular data center 

Pacific Voice & Data, LLC, has added the MegaCool modular data center enclosure solution to add to MCIE Portfolio of products. MegaCool 500 kW and MW Chilled Water models are rack-ready solutions utilizing customer or PVD-provided racks (up to 55U height). Total rack capacity ranges up to 22 racks in the 500-kW model and up to 44 racks in the MW model. The solution does not require rack-based or overhead cooling components to operate up to 500-kW cooling capacity in single-aisle model and up to 1 MW in dual-aisle model. The application allows end-users to operate at a wide variety of rack densities without additional components for scalability. MegaCool operates with an entering water temperature of 45ºF to 65ºF to accommodate a wide range of existing chilled water plant applications. The targeted market segments are DOD, government, military, colocation, multi-tenant facilities, and cloud computing providers.