Power Distribution, Inc., a manufacturer of mission critical distribution equipment for the data center market, has announced the addition of the 400 Amp, Powerwave Bus System for data centers, and industrial and commercial power applications. This release complements PDI’s release of the 160, 225, and 250 Amp bus earlier this year. The Powerwave Bus System is a flexible, overhead power distribution system that minimizes the costs and coordination for computer server adds or changes in a data center or commercial environment. All systems are available with PDI’s patented Branch Circuit Monitoring System (BCMS) that gathers and reports loads at the branch circuit level for all tap off boxes to the building management system via Modbus RTU.

The Powerwave Bus System features a compact, robust design that has the look, feel, and performance for the dense power applications faced by today’s data center managers. PDI has subjected the product to the rigors of the UL / ETL testing and is pleased to announce the 400 Amp product line is available for shipment to all customers. The Powerwave system also offers communications through the BCMS intelligent monitoring systems, which allows for instantaneous reporting and management of power quality parameters, including amperage, voltage, power factor, and kWh.