Chloride North America launched its MOD10 Series, a true online three-phase UPS system featuring a modular, vertically-scalable rack-mounted design that allows growing organizations to cost-effectively meet their evolving power protection needs in incremental steps without interruption to the critical load. Engineered to provide cost-effective redundancy, the MOD10 provides highly-adaptable backup power that lowers total cost of system ownership, reduces required floor space, and helps sustain vital network uptime.

The MOD10 concept is simple: Unlike a conventional UPS system that must be taken off line for extended periods during a critical load upgrade, users add only as many 10 kVA 2U-size modules to their MOD10 system as required up to 50 kVA or 100 kVA. Installation of the hot-swappable modules can be performed without system shutdown, and does not require senior technical personnel to add or remove a module.

The Chloride MOD10 UPS is optimized for applications where space limitations, uptime and scalability are a constant concern, such as in the protection of critical servers, VoIP devices and other sensitive electronic equipment found in modern data centers and network closets. It can be deployed as a primary source for small to medium data centers or as an end-of-row redundant source in larger installations. Parallel-redundant peer-to-peer architecture automatically compensates for loss of a power module or a communications/control module, ensuring continuous support of the load. Redundant modules and battery packs, coupled with a high-reliability static switch system enable the MOD10 to deliver five nines (99.999%) availability.

Chloride is offering the MOD10 Series in flexible 50 kVA and 100 kVA frame sizes. MOD10 UPS systems come with built-in SNMP/Web/network connectivity for remote manageability.