Polargy, Inc., a provider of hot and cold aisle containment systems for the data center, today announced the general availability of the PolarPlex overhead Drop Away Panel for hot and cold aisle containment systems.

PolarPlex Drop Away Panels solve a common problem faced by today’s data center managers: how to implement hot and cold aisle containment without disrupting existing fire-suppression systems or sacrificing visibility.

Under normal conditions, each translucent PolarPlex panel prevents inefficient mixing of hot and cold air above the data center racks. But in the event of a fire, each heat-sensitive panel reacts and falls from its frame, allowing fire-suppression systems to operate without obstruction. The unique PolarPlex containment solution is the only UL-listed containment system approved for use below sprinkler heads and has been approved by fire officials in numerous American municipalities.

To assist in accelerating market adoption of the PolarPlex Drop Away Panel, Polargy has partnered with Bluestone Energy Services, a design-build energy conservation firm headquartered in Norwell, Massachusetts, and NER Data Products, a Glassboro, New Jersey-based value-added distributor with a national network of resellers.

“These groundbreaking built-to-order panels are lightweight and weigh less than a pound per square foot. Panels are economical because there is no need to modify existing lighting and fire-suppression systems, and because they are easy to install,” said Cary Frame, president of Polargy. “A PolarPlex containment system eliminates thermal mixing without requiring painful retrofitting.”

The PolarPlex Drop Away Panels include the following features:
  • UL approved for use below sprinkler heads
  • Made from safe Unplasticized PVC (uPVC)
  • GREENGUARD Certified for Indoor Air Quality