CABLExpress announced its Skinny-Trunk Solution, a comprehensive high-density trunking system that increases flexibility and improves performance in a structured data center. The Skinny-Trunk Solution includes Skinny-Trunks (fiber trunk assemblies), the Skinny-Trunk Z-Mount, Skinny-Trunk Harnesses, H-Series Enclosures, and Skinny-Trunk Fiber Jumpers. The Skinny-Trunk Z-Mount is a universal mount, metal bracket that attaches to the outside of any standard rack or cabinet. It is the only bracket on the market with molded, angled MTP couplers. Skinny-Trunk fiber-optic trunking cables snap into the back of the bracket and a Skinny-Trunk Harness plugs into the front, therefore eliminating the need to utilize an additional enclosure inside the rack.