East Penn’s front access terminal configuration on the Unigy HR3500ET and HR7500ET provides a space saving and safer design for high-powered battery systems. By reducing the additional clearance needed for top connections and longer cable lengths, UPS installations that utilize East Penn’s front access battery design can maximize efficiency and long-term savings while achieving more power in less space. Installation and monitoring are streamlined and safety is significantly improved by eliminating the need to reach over the batteries to access the terminal connections.

Unigy High Rate batteries feature exclusive IPF Technology which ensures the full formation and inspection of every plate. This optimizes power capacities and ensures consistent cell-to-cell voltages critical to long-life reliability.

Unigy High Rate batteries use the latest absorbed glass mat (AGM) technology to lower internal resistance for superior high-rate, short-term discharges delivering critical power when needed. Recessed posts with epoxy post seals act as a secure barrier to keep in acid and critical pressure. Low-pressure, self-sealing valves prevent premature dry-out and minimize gassing. All batteries are built with flame retardant materials and flame arrestors.