The Impulse valve is Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listed and FM Global approved for use in fire suppression, with European approvals pending. The valve is patent pending in the U.S. and internationally. The Impulse valve is available in two sizes, a 1-in. version for container sizes up to 100 lb, and a 3-in. version for containers larger than 100 lb. The valve is opened using a specially designed 24-V Impulse Valve Operator (IVO), which can be activated electronically or manually. Up to six Impulse valves can be connected to a single output circuit of a Fike control panel using Fike’s Impulse Releasing Modules (IRMs). One of the key features of the IVO is that it is easily resettable after testing or discharge, eliminating the need to purchase replacement actuators. Fike also offers an IVPO for pneumatic activation of Impulse valves.