Tate’s ContainAire aisle containment solutions offer a full range of containment products. The ContainAire Vertical Partition System combines cost-effectiveness and ease of installation to create a highly flexible ceiling mounted partition system for both hot and cold aisle containment. ContainAire Strip Doors are made of aluminum tracks with overlapping fire resistant vinyl sheets attached to the ceiling grid system with quick-mount 360° fire suppression links. The Strip Door system provides a reliable barrier that keeps hot and cold air streams segregated while also allowing for easy access to the containment aisle, even when carrying servers and other objects.

The ContainAire Hinged Door and ContainAire Sliding Door feature an aluminum frame, a locking door, magnetic stays and a no-floor threshold.

The ContainAire Retracting Roof is made of black anodized aluminum tracks that attach directly to the top of IT racks and lies flat to prevent interference with other overhead obstructions.