APC by Schneider Electric has announced parallel capabilities of the Symmetra PX 250/500 kW three-phase modular and hot scalable uninterruptible power supply (UPS). This firmware ships standard on all Symmetra PX250/500 kW units which can now be paralleled to deliver up to 2 MW of power protection, or 1.5 MW in a system level redundancy (N+1) configuration. The Symmetra PX 250/500kW offers a modular, hot-scalable system consisting of dedicated and redundant modules―power, intelligence, battery, and communication―all engineered into a design that makes installation, future expansion and serviceability faster and easier. Each system is scalable in 25 kW increments up to 500 kW with the ability to run up to four systems in parallel to provide 2 MW of redundant power protection. flawlessly installed and maintained solutions throughout their lifecycle.