Data Aire, Inc.’s Unity Cooling System software dynamically manages the volume of conditioned air into the data center, providing only the amount of air required to cool the servers. The resulting savings from the cooling system operation and fan power required are significant. The Unity Cooling System is composed of four basic components:  Unit Cooling fan modules that fit on the server racks, a server, airflow measurement devices for each computer room air conditioner (CRAC), and the Unity Cooling System in the DAP III, Data Aire’s CRAC unit microprocessor. The fans in the fan module speed up or slow down based on the amount of air the servers in the racks are exhausting. The volume of air exhausted from each fan module is then reported to a server that summarizes all the fan-module information. The server reports this volume to the Unity Cooling System software. The software, in conjunction with the DAP III Zone Master card, then directs each CRAC to increase or decrease the volume of conditioned air being supplied to the data center.