Raritan’s Dominion KX II-101 is a one-port, KVM-over-IP remote management device that delivers secure, unblocked access to servers from anywhere in the world. Small enough to fit in the palm of a hand, the KX II-101 V2’s size and features provide versatility in managing data centers, test labs, and branch offices. The Dominion KX II-101 V2 solution delivers the same access-and-control technologies that are in Raritan’s multi-port Dominion KX II switches, including secure BIOS-level access to servers, absolute mouse synchronization, and virtual media for transferring files and installing patches and upgrades over IP. Because the KX II-101 V2 device is small enough to be attached to the side of a server rack or, even, hung from a server, it saves valuable rack space and reduces cable clutter. It also integrates with Raritan’s CommandCenter Secure Gateway, enabling enterprise users to consolidate all Dominion devices into a single logical system with a single management interface.