Zonit Structured Solutions has received approval from the Underwriter’s Laboratory for its Micro Automatic Transfer Switch (µATS)-a feature-rich, affordable, ultra-small-form-factor, highly efficient (zero “U”) automatic power transfer switch for data centers. The Zonit µATS takes no rack space and provides redundant “A-B” power to single-power-supply devices such as servers and routers. It also facilitates fast, easy “hot moves” of equipment-in the rack, from rack to rack, or from rack to off-site. In addition, the Zonit Micro ATS features an efficient design that uses only 125 mA (milli-amps) of energy, much less than comparatively featured 1U automatic transfer switches. The Zonit µATS plugs directly into the back of single-power-supply devices (such as servers, routers, and switches), and it can be moved with the device for “hot moves.”  It features two power cords and intelligent circuitry that monitors the power quality of the primary power source. If the primary “A-source” power quality becomes unacceptable, the Zonit µATS automatically switches over and draws power from the back-up “B-source,” thus keeping the device to which it’s connected up and running.