RF Code, Inc. and Raritan have joined together to develop a wire-free energy monitoring solution for data centers. The combined wire-free energy management solution is comprised of RF Code-active RFID hardware and management software and Raritan’s “RF Code-Ready” PX family of rack PDUs that uniquely measure and monitor power usage of individual servers and other IT devices, as well as temperature and humidity at racks.

The easy-to-deploy wire-free RF Code/Raritan solution enables racks to be instrumented quickly for power monitoring at the device level and eliminates the time and cost associated with wired Ethernet connections, which can be expensive. Deploying the joint solution simply involves plugging an RF Code sensor tag into a Raritan PDU. No IP address association, configuration, or IP address maintenance is involved. Instead, the RF Code wire-free sensor tag starts directly capturing power monitoring data from the Raritan PDU and then sends that data over the air via the RF Code active RFID infrastructure-from tag to reader to management software.