DuctSox has introduced the All-Fabric D-Fuser addition to the LabSox Series of air dispersion products specially designed for research laboratories, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and other critical environments applications. The All-Fabric D-Fuser features a fabric back panel, which adds a lower discharge velocity vs. the MetalPan (metal backpan) of the original D-Fuser. The new fabric back panel combines with a nine-inch-deep fabric face three inches deeper than the original D-Fuser to increase internal mixing volume and yield 35 percent more surface area-offers the laboratory industry’s quietest, most even, and lowest HVAC discharge velocities of 33 fpm and 63 fpm at 750 cfm for the 2- x 8-ft and 2- x 4-ft models, respectively. Low discharge velocities with little or no turbulence are critical for proper lab fume hood exhaust performance. An aluminum face frame, which universally installs to suspended T-Bar and finished ceiling configurations, securely fastens the fabric backpanel and face, but also allows quick removal for maintenance.

The All-Fabric D-Fuser offers Surround Flow for uniform airflow patterns and minimum turbulence or the Select Flow, which offers nine different factory-engineered vent patterns for customized directional airflow control.