Circul-Aire’s Cleanaire, is a green, sustainable gas-phase air filtration media for removing chemical odors and airborne gaseous contaminants in industrial complexes, laboratories, office buildings, health care facilities, schools, museums, and other commercial buildings where indoor air quality (IAQ) is critical.

Circulaire Cleanaire is a dual mix of MM-1000NS and MM-9000CLT media that is designed to remove all gaseous contaminant by-products such as nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide, and nitric oxide, as well as ozone, volatile organic compounds (VOC), plus lower molecular weight aldehydes and hydrocarbons. This proprietary process produces a randomly-shaped, coarse-surfaced, granular media resulting in multi-faceted macro surface adsorption capacity. Each granule’s rough surface increases contact and adsorption with airstream gaseous contaminants, thus creating a more efficient and adsorbent process.