Schneider Electric has released the Data Center Module for ION Enterprise, which is designed to add data center visibility to electrical monitoring systems in critical power applications. PowerLogic ION Enterprise provides users with a layer of energy intelligence, collecting and storing data from key distribution points across an electrical network. Its new Data Center Module adds specific, relevant UPS energy data to that layer, helping users gain energy savings, and overall improved efficiency and productivity – all without adding more hardware.

The system is suited for facilities managers who want to pull in UPS data without adding hardware, or for IT personnel who want to look into the electrical distribution network upstream of the data center room. It can monitor multiple device types via SNMP or Modbus, including SmartUPS, Symmetra, Gutor, and Galaxy UPS systems. Customized information is easily shared with all stakeholders and with other business and automation systems, including Schneider Electric’s Continuum software or APC by Schneider Electric’s InfraStruxure® Central software, who, if they have ION Enterprise, can simply access this data via a tab in their software interface.