Motivair Corporation announced the Chilled Door high-density rack cooling system.  The Chilled Door replaces the rear panel of any standard or custom server rack via an adapter frame.  This is an active cooling system with a chilled water coil, variable speed fans and microprocessor controls.  A patented sliding rail system allows easy access with clear visibility in the server aisle when the door is open. Flexible hose connections and a patented leak prevention system assure long-term system integrity.

Designed to maximize high-density server rack cooling, while eliminating data center ‘hot spots’ Chilled Door can reduce data center cooling cost by up to 90 percent. 

Effectively removing server heat at its source before it enters the room, the Chilled Door system can monitor and adjust cooling performance by varying fan speed, chilled water flow and chilled water temperature.  The energy savings result from using chilled water up to 68F instead of the traditional 44F used in data centers, which decreases chiller size and energy consumption by 35%. When a Chilled Door system is used in conjunction with a Free Cooling chiller or alternative cooling source the operating cost savings are increased to 90% depending on the site location.  Free cooling chillers use cold outside air to replace mechanical cooling whenever conditions allow.  The Chilled Door management system can be used to control the entire data center, eliminating the need for CRAC units and even a raised floor.