APCON, Inc.’s aggregation switching solutions are deployed in data centers worldwide, enabling higher uptime and simpler management of even the most complex and business-critical enterprise networks.

These solutions include:
  • TITAN ENTERPOINT– the only proven multi-switch management software platform on the market today. With this platform users can manage all APCON switches deployed in the enterprise’s network from a single screen. New switch management capabilities include automated switch back-up and batched upgrades.

    This software also enables IT staff to manage connectivity between Layer 2/3 switches and network analysis equipment more efficiently-helping make the standard of “five-nines” network availability more attainable. The software automatically determines the source-to-destination pathways and routing requirements, and can seamlessly manage interconnections involving numerous ports across multiple switches and locations.

  • INTELLAPATCH Series 3000, a flexible and scalable switching solution that offers up to 288 ports in a single chassis. When populated with INTELLAFLEX Packet Aggregator blades, this solution offers a market leading 256 ports of 1G or 96 ports of 10G aggregation connectivity in 8U.

    Addressing data center managers’ demands for uptime and reliability, the INTELLAPATCH Series 3000 switching family offers a robust enterprise-class architecture. A key feature of this design is its fault-tolerant controller cards with automatic failover. Unlike switches with single controllers that can halt network operations during a failure, the high availability failover capacity of the Series 3000 allows it to be used in-line, in the production network of an enterprise. Series 3000 chassis are modular, offering hot-swappable power supplies and field-replaceable fans, as well as hitless software upgrades and a host of advanced diagnostic features.