Siemon has released a new cable jacket options for its line of category 5e Industrial MAX patch cords. These new cords join Siemon’s full Industrial MAX line of modular outlets and patch cords and industrial LC fiber optic connectors and jumpers. The industrial MAX line was designed specifically for industrial applications or any facility where dust, moisture, chemicals, or vibration can negatively affect network connections.

Available in both shielded and UTP configurations, the new category 5e cords feature flame retardant thermoplastic elastomer (FR-TPE), polyurethane (PUR) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) cable jacket options. These three jacket options allow the user to select the best cable for their specific application, based on their relative physical durability, flexibility and resistance to environmental conditions such as temperature, ultraviolet light, moisture, chemicals and flammability. TPE and PUR cables feature pressure-extruded jackets that provide outstanding flex endurance as well as tear and crush resistance to support harsh conditions such as continuous flexing in robotics or the splatter from automated welding. All three jacket All varieties are RoHS compliant and lead-free.

Both the Industrial MAX 5e patch cords and outlets feature Siemon's high-performance category 5e RJ-45 connectivity encased in a protective outer housing. This housing, made of heat-resistance thermoplastic, features a bayonet-style mating design that easily and securely latches with a quick 1/4 turn, offering a superior protective seal against solid and liquid contaminants. Both outlet and patch cord are IP67-rated. The Industrial MAX 5e patch cords are available in both industrial plug-to-industrial plug and industrial plug-to-RJ45 versions.

Siemon also offers standard RJ45 category 5e shielded and UTP patch cords with thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), polyurethane (PUR) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) cable jacket options. These patch cords can be used between enclosures or where IP67 connectivity is not required.

The Industrial MAX 5e outlet and patch cords are ideal for protecting network connections in manufacturing and laboratory environments, hospitals, food processing plants and other environments with less than ideal conditions, while still providing category 5e performance for Gigabit Ethernet and other industrial and IP-based applications.