Caterpillar has newly redesigned its Olympian generator sets rated 26 to 200 kVA (at 50 Hz) and 27 to 175 kW (at 60 Hz). Improvements include more robust material construction, increased accessibility, state-of-the-art controls, and greater performance in warmer climates and at higher altitudes. One of the most popular generator set options-and a major focus of the redesign-was the enclosure. Constructed of galvanized steel with durable powder-coated paint, it is built to withstand harsh environments, resistance to rusting and other effects from weathering. To prevent water ingress, it features a single piece roof and rain caps fitted with compression seals. Minimizing sound was another requirement critical to customers. The new enclosure is up to 3 dBA quieter than previous models, as a result of the incorporation of sound absorbent materials and modifications to the airflow and exhaust systems.