Server Technology, Inc. has released a rack level wire-free power monitoring solution designed for data center energy optimization. This jointly-developed solution integrates Server Technology’s Smart and Switched cabinet power distribution units (CDUs) with patented Per Inlet Power Sensing (PIPSTM), with or without Per Outlet Power Sensing (POPS) functionality, with RF Code’s active RFID hardware and management software.

This solution allows RF Code sensor tags to capture and then transmit power monitoring in-feed and device level data (with POPST) from the Server Technology CDUs, to the RF Code wire-free active reader infrastructure. Readers then send the information to RF Code’s Sensor Manager software, which manages the power monitoring information.

The RF Code R170 PDU Tag for Server Technology plugs into the serial port on Server Technology’s Smart or Switched CDUs, with or without POPS (Per Outlet Power Sensing) with PIPS (Per Inlet Power Sensing.) The sensor collects power information from the CDU and transmits that data to RF Code readers installed in the data center.

Power monitoring data provided by the solution includes amperage, voltage, apparent power, active power kW, outlet status changes (on, off and reboot), capacity, and breaker status. The data is sent to RF Code’s Sensor Manager software, which manages the captured information and makes additional computations about power utilization.

This joint solution provides the customer with a complete picture of overall power utilization or individual device power utilization or both. Customers can use Sensor Manager to manage the data using live table views, map views, interactive graphing and reporting, scheduled graphing and reporting, alerting, and thresholding.