Tognum released the MTU engine Series 1600, a diesel engine with power outputs between 270 and 730 kW. The Series 1600 will be the smallest engine manufactured by MTU. It will be offered in an in-line configuration with six cylinders as well as in V-configurations with eight, ten,and twelve cylinders, covering a displacement range from 10.5 to 21 liters. The power range below the current Series 2000 engine will thus be expanded. In this segment, the Tognum Group has previously marketed and sold exclusively engines from other manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz industrial engines. The new Series 1600 engine complies with the current exhaust specifications of EPA Tier 2 (power output above 560 kW) and EPA Tier 3 (power output below 560 kW) without the necessity of exhaust after-treatment measures. Thanks to its modular design and standardized interfaces, the Series 1600 engine is open to future integration of exhaust after-treatment systems.