Generac Power Systems introduced  Generac Industrial Power. Although the name is new, Generac says that it represents 50 years of proven expertise in manufacturing standby and portable power generation equipment. The name change accompanies a redesigned and re-engineered industrial product line, intended to better meet customer needs. Product improvements include new engines, new enclosures, several ergonomic enhancements and aesthetic changes.  At the heart of the new Generac Industrial generators are new industrial-certified, Generac-approved diesel engines from Fiat Powertrain Technologies (FPT) and Volvo powering the 60-400 kilowatt (kW) power range. These rugged EPA and CARB Certified engines have been proven reliable for the rigorous applications of electric power generation.  Other improvements include new enclosures that provide better sound attenuation, offer a rugged exterior coating with RhinoCoat and feature a gasket-free, interconnected roof joint panel that requires no additional caulking. The increased sound attention is achieved thanks to improved silver Mylar insulation, consolidated sheet metal parts and added stiffness.  A feature unique to Generac was created by lowering the control panel from the top of the connection box to a dedicated adjustable stand on our 100-400 kW diesel units, eliminating the need to use a ladder to interface with the unit. Additionally, the control panel can be oriented at different angles to provide optimal access whether mounted in a low, normal or high postion Further, new static connection boxes are designed so they do not need to be repositioned when paired with an oversized alternator. Since the connection box remains in the same location, it allows “as-built” installation drawings to be consistent with submittal drawings. There are now three times as many labels for improved instruction and easier installation. The packaging of the frame and enclosure groups has been updated to provide greater access on 200-400 kW diesel units, allowing them to be serviced more easily.  Additional improvements include a systematic offering of oversized alternators. With most of Generac‟s units now offering Upsize 1 and Upsize 2 options, sKVA (motor-starting inrush) needs are addressed with a better ability to meet Class A and B temperature rise requirements. These packaging adjustments are complemented by a simplified installation drawing format that is clearer and more consistent. International Building Code (IBC) seismic certifications are optional with each genset and improved industrial controls allow for oversized circuits for special loads and a wider range of multiple breaker combinations to serve distribution panels.  To enhance the branding of Generac Industrial Power products and make them easily identifiable in the marketplace, a dark gray has been designated as the new standard enclosure paint color and a new "Generac Industrial Power‟ logo has been developed. The engine, alternator and internal sheet metal components will be dark gray and black. These visual elements symbolize a new direction for Generac Industrial Power that distinguishes the business from its residential and commercial segments.