As data center managers squeeze more equipment into their IT spaces and face increasing pressure on their IT infrastructure, Emerson Network Power has introduced the Liebert CRV, a precision cooling unit that fits seamlessly within a row of racks to deliver cooling close to the server heat source.

The rack-sized Liebert CRV is designed for cooling rows of rack equipment of all heat densities in data centers of virtually any size. It continually adjusts to changing operating conditions based on real-time temperature and humidity readings, delivering energy-efficient, effective cooling close to the heat source.

The Liebert CRV contains a digital scroll compressor and electrically commutated (EC) fans that use the latest technology to deliver precise operation and enhanced efficiency. The compressor adapts to capacity changes from 20 to 100 percent without cycling on and off, while the EC fan speed is based on the IT load to provide the most efficient cooling possible.

The Liebert CRV system features integrated Liebert iCOM controls to provide advanced monitoring and environmental management, eliminating “dueling” cooling units. Liebert iCOM controls enable multiple Liebert CRV units to communicate and work together as a team to precisely control temperature and humidity across a room while optimizing the efficiency of the entire cooling system. This teamwork capability can be easily expanded as more Liebert CRV units are added, without any rewiring needed.

The control system enables each unit to monitor conditions, including variations in temperature and humidity, at up to 10 racks per Liebert CRV, and smoothly adjusts the cooling output to match the conditions. The real-time information is also accessible through the on-unit display screen to help data center managers make fast and accurate decisions regarding data center cooling.

Designed for hot-aisle/cold-aisle configuration, the Liebert CRV is available in either a standalone air-cooled or water/glycol cooling system with a roof-mounted condenser or as a chilled-water configuration integrated directly into the building’s existing chilled-water system. The unit’s horizontal airflow cooling design is suitable for non-raised or raised floors. It is available in capacities of 20 kW and 35 kW for stand-alone systems and 40 kW for chilled-water systems.