Sentilla Corporation, provider of demand-side energy management solutions for data centers, today introduced Sentilla Energy Manager Version 3.0. This is the industry’s first-ever software-only enterprise management solution for reliably tracking power utilization of every single asset in the data center, including both metered and unmetered equipment. Version 3.0, which enables IT and facilities managers to measure and report energy use of all assets in real-time, features the world’s first Sentilla Inference Engine that accurately monitors power consumption of unmetered assets. The newly enhanced Sentilla Energy Manager also incorporates more comprehensive reporting functionality that provides expanded cost control and chargeback options. With the enhancements integrated into this product release, Sentilla provides its data center customers a means to improve data center operations by optimizing both computing and facility capacity and performance, while reducing costs and mitigating risk. And because it is a software-only solution, even large enterprises can implement it without disrupting operations. Sentilla Energy Manager is a non-invasive, software-only solution that provides a comprehensive view of energy use of the entire data center, from the switchgear down to each asset-such as servers, storage and networking devices. Sentilla’s solution bridges the IT and facilities gap, providing the world’s first consolidated view of where, when and why energy is used. By using Version 3.0 of this innovative software, which scales to support the largest data center environments in real-time, Sentilla’s customers can now track, predict and manage energy use of every single piece of equipment in the data center, including those that are unmetered. As a result of having greater planning and management of energy consumption, data center managers can not only improve performance and efficiency, but also reduce downtime and better plan for expansion or consolidation. By leveraging energy management as a key component of IT software portfolios-treating energy as an IT asset-data centers can deliver exceptional performance at minimal cost and without disruption.