Modius Inc. and RF Code, Inc., announced the integration of RF Code’s wire-free environmental sensor-based monitoring solution into the Modius OpenData platform.  Available now, the integrated solution is the first initiative stemming from the partnership between the two companies. OpenData is software that allows users to manage the performance of both IT devices and facilities infrastructure equipment across all enterprise business-critical sites, including data centers, call centers, server closets, and mechanical yard. RF Code’s wire-free active sensor-based software solution monitors and alerts about a broad range of environmental factors-from changes in temperature and humidity to the sudden presence of dangerous conductive liquids.   

Modius OpenData now accepts environmental data directly from RF Code sensors.  The entire solution can be delivered at very low cost and covers data centers of any size.  By integrating environmental data into the OpenData platform, customers now get a complete picture about the real-time status and performance of all their physical data center assets.  This combined view includes both performance data collected by Modius directly from IT and facilities equipment, as well as environmental data collected by RF Code sensors. The combined information is then used to help operators run more efficient and cost-effective data centers.