CABLExpress has upgraded its Skinny-Trunk 12 fiber optic MTP connector with the industry's highest precision thermoplastic ferrule designed to lower insertion loss, one of the biggest issues facing data systems today. The enhanced Skinny-Trunk allows for maximum connections, stretches loss budgets and helps "future proof" data centers. 

The ultra low loss MTP connectors can be used for modular pre-terminated fiber optic cabling systems. The latest MTP connectors combine an improved ferrule design that features more precise fiber alignment with an enhanced polishing technique during the manufacturing process. As a result, Skinny-Trunks have successfully tested to reduce insertion loss by 40 percent which translates to more allowed connections. The original CABLExpress Skinny-Trunk product, launched in May 2008, achieved .35 dB loss with six connection points. 

With the new thermoplastic ferrule design, typical insertion loss on Skinny-Trunk MTP assemblies is reduced from .35 dB to .15 dB and connection points may be increased to up to 24. With the improved ferrule design and enhanced proprietary polishing process, customers will be able to maintain proper interconnect points to stay within TIA-942 standards and migrate to higher speeds without replacing cable assembly.