Avtron LoadBank, Inc. has released a new line of "Certified" UL Listed neutral grounding resistors that are designed to provide added safety to power distribution systems. These neutral grounding resistors are designed, manufactured, and tested in strict accordance with IEEE Standard 32-1972 and are UL Listed and Certified, the company said.

The units are fully factory assembled with no exposed live power bushings which eliminates safety concerns and the need for costly elevating stands. System voltages are available in 600 Volt-class, 5 kV-class and 15 kV-class designs (up to 1,000 Amps). Neutral grounding resistors are designed to provide added safety to industrial power distribution systems by limiting ground fault current to reasonable levels preventing excessive damage to power transformers, diesel generator sets, motors, wiring, switchgear, and associated equipment.

Inserting an Avtron neutral grounding resistor between neutral and ground limits the ground fault current to a low, safe level (typically 25 to 400 amps) while still allowing sufficient current flow to operate fault clearing relays. The UL Listing and certification greatly simplifies installation and eliminates the need for additional on-site certification or third-party inspection.