Quick Start technology from Johnson Controls is helping to ensure reliability and improve energy efficiency at the RagingWire Enterprise Solutions data center in Sacramento, Calif. The Quick Start feature, available for YORK centrifugal chillers equipped with OptiSpeed variable-speed drive, is designed to reduce time for chiller restart after power failure by as much as 75 percent.  Quick Start software rapidly brings a chiller back on-line and thus re-establishes the design chilled-water temperature to keep process equipment cooled and reduce the risk of expensive downtime. The Quick Start feature is essential for process applications and data centers like RagingWire’s Enterprise Data Center (EDC).  This 200,000-square-foot, Enterprise Class, fault-tolerant, concurrently maintainable facility offers highly reliable and scalable power, cooling and physical-security solutions that maintain Fortune 1000 companies’ mission-critical IT applications and infrastructure.  The RagingWire facility is the first data center in the world to install the Quick Start feature. The company worked closely with Johnson Controls to jointly test this new capability.