APC unveiled the APC Symmetra PX 250/500-kW three-phase uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system for the data center market. Offering ultra-high efficiency, nearly silent operation, and N+1 redundancy, the APC Symmetra PX 250/500 kW is the world’s first truly modular UPS system that easily scales in 25 kW increments up to 500 kW. The APC Symmetra PX 250/500 kW offers 25 kW ultra-high efficiency double conversion online inverter power modules, extended life hot-swap batteries, a large touch-screen graphical user interface, and a side-mounted maintenance bypass panel with subfeed distribution. The new Symmetra PX offers maximum data center configuration flexibility, allowing the unit to easily fit in the same row as IT equipment, or against a wall to save floor space.