Lectrus recently unveiled a new 12-page brochure which provides a comprehensive overview of the company's electrical equipment centers. The brochure is arranged in a very logical manner, starting out with "What Is an Equipment Center" and ending with a graphic showing the numerous countries where Lectrus equipment centers have been installed. Since it contains both technical information and dozens of visuals, the brochure is a must-have for anyone proposing a Lectrus prefabricated equipment center on their project.

Pages one and two include a very detailed features and benefits table and a list of the many markets and applications that make use of Lectrus equipment centers. A detailed list follows on pages three and four, containing the primary advantages of Lectrus equipment centers over traditional site-built construction-including:
  • Faster installation
  • Lower cost
  • Factory built
  • Portability
  • Design flexibility
The center spread is an easy-to-follow, comparison-based graphic illustrating how Lectrus equipment centers speed installation and provide resources for other on-site value-added activities. Pages eight and nice review our standard design features, including both exterior and interior product characteristics, specifications, certifications, and compliance information. Page 10 outlines the Lectrus order-fulfillment process, which includes the following steps:
  • Order receipt and engineering drawing approval
  • Fabrication and project management
  • Electrical integration
  • Loading and shipment
  • Site installation
  • Field and warranty services
Finally, page 11 describes why customers choose Lectrus: "According to ongoing customer surveys, our company and its products are reliable, dependable and innovative. With more than forty years of history and over 5,000 equipment centers in service, Lectrus has the expertise and time-tested products to withstand the stresses of a variety of industries. We install and integrate over 3,000 sections of switchgear and motor control centers annually and have the capacity to produce up to 40,000 square feet of walk-in metal enclosures per month."