This HP v142 Rack is a novel 19-inch rack presenting significant savings while providing a reliable industry standard rack to hold up to 2000 pounds of static load. The HP v142 Rack is part of the new value-line, HP 100-series Racks.  

The rack features a security front door that is well-perforated for efficient airflow and cooling.  Not typically available from racks in this price range, the HP v142 Rack features a welded frame for added strength. This 100-Series rack combines unparalleled structural integrity, cooling, and cable management with ease of use capabilities and a wide choice of rack, power, and switching options to deliver a best-in-class product. 

The rack is designed for all rack-mounted server and storage products, complementing and protecting investment in technology. Specifically designed to ensure outstanding cooling and cable management, the 100 Series Rack is the best value choice for small, medium and enterprise racks-a full-feature, low-cost alternative for emerging markets and data center startups.   

This product expands the HP rack product line by offering a value-line rack. The HP v142 Rack also offers: - Front door with 63 percent perforation for efficient airflow 
- Front and rear door handles and locks for added security 
- Side panels for ease of manageability and mounting 
- Cable management accessory compatible 
- Rack stabilizer, baying, grounding kits 
- Zero-U mounting areas to maximize space for servers and storage 
- Three-year, limited warranty on parts